Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Plastic Hearts Teaser #2

There was no guarantee that he was going to show up but I was hopeful that he would.  A man took my coat as I entered the packed gallery.  I took a quick look around and when I didn’t see him, I started looking at various sculptures, large paintings in vibrant colors and collages of items that would be junk to some people but put together in the gallery were absolutely beautiful. 
I turned a corner and standing right in front of me talking to an older couple was Dane.  He wore black dress pants with a grey sweater that fits snug around his arms and chest.  I liked this Dane but have to admit I missed the leather jacket.  I imagined the way it smelt and how it felt to hold him with it on.  The other night I was stupid to think I could just walk away from this.  He saw me and stopped talking for a second before he returned his attention back to the couple.  I felt rejected but not enough to give up so easily.  I looked at the metal sculptures that are arranged behind him and discovered that the artist was Dane Wright.
They were of couples, one was dancing, one was hugging, one appeared to be sitting on a bench and one was holding hands.  They were so simple yet beautiful.  I knew he was talented but I had no idea he could do this.
“Does my work live up to your expectations?” he asked, startling me. He stood so close to me that I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.  I smelt his cologne and it intoxicated me.
I turned around, leaving us separated by only inches. “They’re beautiful,” I whispered.
“Really?”  His voice was controlled but there was a hint of sarcasm.  I didn’t say anything; I deserved his tone.
“Really.”  I took a deep breath and said what I came to say.  “Look, Dane, I’m really sorry for what happened the other night.  I had a great time with you and I let my head get in the way.”
He moved his head a little closer to mine and the way he looked at me, I was sure he was going to tell me to go away. In fact, that was what I expected to hear when I came here.  And then, before I could process what happened, his lips were on mine.  At first, I didn’t react but then my body took over as I wrapped one hand behind his neck, tasting the mint on his lips and savoring the soft feel of his mouth; the connection made me pull him closer until there was absolutely no space between us.  As his tongue begged for entrance, I granted it.  We stood there for what seemed like forever, like there was no one else in the room.  His kiss was soft yet passionate and at that very moment, I knew it was the first meaningful kiss I have ever had. I needed him and I was his if he’d have me.
He broke away, putting his forehead to mine.  His eyes were hooded and I wanted nothing more than to have those lips back on mine.  I felt naked and vulnerable as I waited for him to say something. “We can’t be friends,” he finally said as he closed his eyes. 

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